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Radio Imaging is a radio station’s signature sound composition that enables listeners to easily identify the station from the rest in a given market. It can showcase the station favorably against competitors, and gives the listeners an idea of what to expect in terms of content or format. Radio imaging is the general term used for varied on-air sound effects that identify, brand and market a particular radio station like, radio sweepers, intros & outros, bumpers, stingers and drops.

Radio Sweeps – are segues between songs that give listeners a brief station identifier or promo, generally 20 seconds or less.

Intros/Outros – are the show’s signature. It introduces the start of a program or signals the coming end or wrap up.  It can be pre-recorded or done live over music.

Bumpers – Usually consists of a voiceover and music that acts as a transition. For example, coming back from a commercial break, or move from one segment of the show to another. These are usually short, about 5-10 seconds in length.

Stingers – are short sound effects, pre-recorded words, fast piece of music (1-3 seconds) that are played to give emphasis to something said by the DJ.

Drops – These are sound bites lifted from movies, TV, or songs.  The length of Drops varies and can either be used as an emphasis or a transition.

Why do you need Radio Imaging?  Because, You want to be able to kick the ass of the competition.  You need to sound hotter and better then they do.  That’s where Radio Power Voice Media comes in.  We make you sound and make you stand out from the rest.  Your sound is EVERYTHING.  Let us brand you all the way to number ONE!

There are as many different styles of radio imaging. Here are the most popular formats we work with.

Styles of Radio Imaging:

How Can I Produce Radio Imaging for My Station?

Radio Imaging Lab offers produced radio imaging and voice imaging, Liners, sweepers, IDs, and promos at affordable rates.  Let us know about your radio station, the format and the audience that you’re targeting and we will do the rest.

Preparing Your Radio Imaging or Commercial.

What kind of imaging will you need for us to produce?

Other Production Services.

Radio Imaging Lab provides a number of production services.

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