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I love the radio. I love it so much that I spent countless years behind the mic at some of the best Hip Hop and CHR stations on the planet. Being on the air was always a high for me. Working the board while doing a top ten countdown, recording caller number nine, who just won a pair of tickets to the biggest concert, was AWESOME! However, I loved producing more than being on the air. Something about making a spot just sizzle and having clients say, “Wow, that was hot!” is what did it for me. So, I packed up my bags and moved to Beverly. Well, not really. I moved to sunny San Jose, California, and opened my own studio. My many years of experience creating some of the HOTTEST radio commercials, concert promos, sweepers, and whatever else the PD wanted me to do will benefit YOU. I can take your project and make you stand out above the rest.

Let’s just keep it real; look up “radio imaging” on Google, and you’ll get a slew of people who claim they are the best. However, when you listen to the promos, something is missing. They may have a hot voice guy but didn’t use the right FX on his voice, or they used a weak music bed, or even worse, they don’t know how to mix and master, so your promo sounds wack! I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m the best in the world at what I do, but I will tell you that our spots are pretty damn HOT! We work closely with many of the best Voice Talents and radio groups like URBAN RADIO GROUP, the leader in urban radio imaging, and Mitch Faulkner, who is one of the most heard and respected voices talents in the business. When they need something produced, they come to us; instead of me trying to sell you on that, why don’t you listen to our work and judge for yourself. Thanks for taking the time to visit the site. We take your sound seriously, and we want you to make the process easy for you. You can have our voice guy read your spot or bring your favorite voice guy and let us produce it. Either way, we are committed to giving you the highest quality work at a fair price.

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